3 Signs your Work is KILLING You

work stress

Stress contributes to heart disease and emotional health issues for millions of people across the United States. Much of this stress comes from careers that drain us physically and emotionally on a daily basis. Whether you sit in front of a computer all day or work in extreme temperatures outside, your job might be killing […]

4 Tips to Balance your Budget

how to budget your money

Whether you are saving up for a new car or paying off debt, it seems everyone is looking for a little extra cash to spend at the end of every paycheck. If you’re like the average person, a combination of bills, unexpected expenses and impulsive spending are sufficient to devour your paycheck. This economic cycle […]

How to Refinance a Mortgage with Bad Credit

bad credit mortgage refinance

Mortgage lenders are eager to find home owners seeking refinance opportunities. These types of loans are less risky because the home owner has a history of on-time payments to establish their trustworthiness. Plus they have invested a large portion of their money in the home already, so they have a lot to lose if they […]

The Health Benefits of the Leptin Diet

leptin diet

The brain regulates naturally rewarding behavior using a structure known in addiction medicine as the Reward Pathway. This regulatory system is optimized to reinforce behaviors that help us survive in a natural environment. Owing to human ingenuity, however, we no longer inhabit a natural environment and many people in developed societies live in almost entirely […]