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A Sharing Solutions initiative by Swiss Re -
towards a sustainable future

Swiss Re was The Great Warming's first corporate sponsor, providing both financial support and know-how for this TV documentary on climate change. The sponsorship, a part of our Sharing Solutions philosophy, aims at raising awareness on issues key to Swiss Re, a company dedicated to a sustainable future. The documentary shows how climate change can affect that future. It will be broadcast first in Canada and the US in 2004, and later in other countries.

What makes The Great Warming unique is its focus on solutions and opportunities. Says Swiss Re CEO John Coomber: "Climate change is a phenomenon that is starting to have a major impact on Swiss Re, its partners and clients. The question is no longer whether global warming is happening, but how it will affect our business, as well as our personal lives."

For Swiss Re, rising pressure on natural resources and growing social instability are creating new forms of risk, but they also widen the scope for innovative insurance solutions. Beyond our sponsorship projects, Swiss Re also publishes brochures on sustainability and other topics. A further crucial element in Swiss Re's sustainability commitment is our active membership in the WBCSD and in the UNEP Financial Industry Initiative; and we regularly invite a broad range of stakeholders to discusses emerging risks at our Centre for Global Dialogue in R ue schlikon.

Swiss Re's CEO John Coomber knows that embedding sustainable practices and thinking in the company's daily business will strongly enhance its credibility for dealing authoritatively with risk: "I am personally convinced it will bring long-term rewards and a real sense of pride in the global leadership position our company has staked out."

"I think you know that Swiss Re is committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company," says Coomber. "Because of that, we're taking a leadership role by putting strategies in place that will deal with the risks (and the opportunities) of our changing climate." In 2003, Swiss Re launched an initiative to become greenhouse neutral - the largest global financial services company to do so to date. The initiative will mean a voluntary 15% reduction in Swiss Re's present emissions by direct measures, mainly by further improving energy efficiency. The remaining 85% will be offset by investing in "clean development mechanism" instruments as described in the Kyoto Protocol.

About Swiss Re

Swiss Re is a leading reinsurer and the world's largest life and health reinsurer. The company is global, operating from 70 offices in 30 countries. Since its foundation in 1863, Swiss Re has been in the reinsurance business. Swiss Re has three business groups: Property & Casualty, Life & Health and Financial Services. Swiss Re offers a wide range of traditional reinsurance products and related services, which are complemented by insurance-based corporate finance solutions and supplementary services. Swiss Re is rated "AA" by Standard & Poor's, "Aa1" by Moody's and "A+" by AM Best.

More about Swiss Re and its Sharing Solutions programme.
Swiss Re Sustainability Report 2002

is based on the book
"Storm Warning -
Gambling with the
Climate of our Planet
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