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Our Children's Planet sweeps around the world to introduce us to the people and communities who are combating The Great Warming.

...Like the tiny Swiss village of Pontresina, which is building a giant wall to hold back the mudflows and avalanches caused by melting permafrost. Or the world's jewel - Venice Italy - which has finally decided to build a huge underwater gate system to protect the city from floods.

The British have already built their gates. It's called the Thames Barrier, and only four people have the power to close it. One of them is Sarah Lavery, whom we meet at breakfast as she gets the call warning of an oncoming tidal flood. It's estimated that over $160 billion could ride on her decision.

In the red-hot desert of Arizona, 15 university teams are competing to turn a standard SUV into a low-emission, high performance 21 st century truck. We follow Alberta and Virginia Tech through the tribulations of getting it done.

In southern Saskatchewan, Dan Sidloski has stopped plowing. Instead, he plants directly into slits cut into his fields. It's called "no-till agriculture", and saves water and cuts carbon emissions. In the high Altiplano of Peru, Roberto Quiroz is teaching the farmers of the Quecha tribe the techniques of their ancestors - with fascinating dry-land technologies called "cochas" and "waru-warus".

On the other side of the world - Inner Mongolia. Wu Nin Bater is a nomadic goatherder. He and his family live in a yurt, keeping warm and cooking by burning dirty deisel fuel. Today, a revolution is arriving on the back of a truck. With his new solar panels and windmill, he'll cut his carbon emissions in half.

Not a lot of nomadic goatherders in Toronto. But there are changes here too - like the green roof on top of Mountain Outfitters, or the underwater pipe system that's cooling downtown with cold water from Lake Ontario. In Montreal, 28-year old developer Chris Holmes has sold every unit in his EcoCité - a radical inner-city concept for sustainable housing.

But big changes will be driven by new technologies. Bio-ethanol, hydrogen fuel cells, wind, tidal power... are only some of the solutions. How to create truly green hydrogen? In New Mexico, Reed Jensen and his daughter Anne Traynor may have the solution. It's a radical concept involving the power of the sun, and it may just be the energy source for the world's first hydrogen village.

There's too much carbon in Earth's atmosphere. Why not just suck it right back out? In New York, Dr. Klaus Lackner may have found a way, and although the devices look like angel's harps on stands, the chemistry can't miss.

In the end, the battle will be fought and won as attitudes change. In rural Bangladesh, a travelling drama troupe sings the message of environmental care through traditional drama. And in western Canada, Dan Sidloski is planting a forest.

Every person is part of The Great Warming.

is based on the book
"Storm Warning -
Gambling with the
Climate of our Planet
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