Back To The Great

The world’s scientists are in agreement:  climate change is real, and we are largely responsible.  America’s religious institutions, corporations, environmental and political leaders are in agreement - we must recognize our moral responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth today and for all future generations. 

Out of this sense of responsibility, we call on our country to take immediate action to address climate change.  Join us in partnering with the producers of the new film
The Great Warming, as we launch our awareness campaign and call to action. 

Nothing less is at stake than the future of this planet we all call home. 

Alanis Morissette
Narrator, “The Great Warming”
Edward O. Wilson
Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Brent Blackwelder
President, Friends of the Earth
Andrew Young
Civil-rights Leader, Former UN Ambassador
Rev. Jim Wallis
President, Sojourners/Call to Renewal
Dr. Sayyid Syeed
Islamic Society of North America
Carl Pope
Executive Director, Sierra Club
Larry Schweiger
President & CEO, National Wildlife Federation
Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar
Genl. Secretary, National Council of Churches
Paul R. Epstein, MD
Center for Health & Global Env., Harvard
Robert Correll PhD
Chair, Arctic Climate Impacts Assessment
Marlee Matlin
Actress, Academy Award Winner
John Topping
President, The Climate Institute
Dr. Mohamed El-Ashry
Senior Fellow, UN Foundation
Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick
President, Alliance of Reformed Churches
Paul de Vries PhD
President, New York Divinity School
Peter Vander Meulen
Co-chair, Micah Challenge USA
Prof. Paul Mayewski
Director, Climate Institute, University of Maine
The Rev. David G. Mullen
Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church
Helen Hunt
Actress, Academy Award Winner
Greg Nickels
Founder, US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
Chevy Chase and Jayni Chase
Actor / Activists
Sheila Watt-Cloutier
Chair, Inuit Circumpolar Conference
Rabbi Frederick Reeves
The Temple, Atlanta Georgia
Nikita Lopoukhine
Chair, IUCN Comm. World Protected Areas
James Gustave Speth
Dean, Sch. Forestry & Environment, Yale
Anjelica Huston
Actress, Producer, Director
Ross C. Anderson
Mayor, Salt Lake City
Dr. Kevin Trenberth
Head of Climate Analysis, NCAR
The Rev. Dean W. Nelson
Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church
Matthew Sleeth, MD
Author and Religious Educator
Barbara Lerman-Golomb
Coal. on the Environment and Jewish Life
Peter Borgdorff
Exec. Dir. Emeritus, Christian Reformed Church
David Coss
Mayor of Santa Fe, NM
Rabbi Michael Lerner
Editor, Tikkun Magazine
Keanu Reeves
Narrator, “The Great Warming”
Ted Turner
Rev. Dr. Joel C. Hunter
President, Christian Coalition of America
John Podesta
President, Center for American Progress
Kevin Knobloch
President, Union of Concerned Scientists
Dr. Warren Washington
Head of Climate Change Research, NCAR
Christopher Flavin
President, Worldwatch Institute
Ed Begley Jr.
Environmental Activist and Actor
James Hansen
Adjunct Professor, Columbia Earth Institute
Rev. William Sinkford
Pres, Unitarian Universalist Congregations
Rabbi David Saperstein
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Dr. Gerald Durley
Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Atlanta
Lester R. Brown
President, Earth Policy Institute
Calvin B. DeWitt
Pres., Acad. of Evangelical Scientists & Ethicists
John L. Petersen
President, The Arlington Institute
Sister Patricia Daly
Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment
Kathleen Rogers
President, Earth Day Network
Mike MacCracken, PhD
Chief Scientist, The Climate Institute
Shirley Franklin
Mayor of Atlanta
Wes Bannister
Chairman, Metropolitan Water District of S. California
Christopher Guest
Actor, Writer, Director
Monique Tilford
Center for a New American Dream
Michael Eckhart
President, American Council on Renewable Energy
The Rev. Murray D. Finck
Bishop, Evanglical Lutheran Church
Lucy Liu
Russell Dickerson
Chair, Dept of Atmospheric Science, U. Maryland
Bill McKibben
Author “The End of Nature”
Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes Jr.
The Riverside Church, New York
Eric Chivian, MD
Center for Health and the Global Env., Harvard
Rev. Peter Illyn
Executive Director, Restoring Eden
Jesse Lava
Executive Director,
Dr. Tony Campolo
Evangelical Assoc. for Promotion of Education
Martin J. Chavez
Mayor of Albuquerque, NM
David Neff
Editor & VP, Christianity Today
Gary Cook
Director US Climate Action Network
We can all make a difference by changing our behavior, by urging our leaders to act, and by endorsing
and using the products of environmentally-responsible companies like our sponsors.  Find out more about them here.